Welcome to the William J. Hughes Technical Center WAAS Test Team

Our FTP site at ftp.nstb.tc.faa.gov has been deprecated. If you rely on that service for our data, the same data can be found here. For Windows users you can script these downloads using Invoke-WebRequest . For Linux users, we recommend either curl or wget. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
Real-Time Plots

The real-time performance plots are created every three minutes, and all real-time plot pages update every two minutes. The real-time plots show up-to-the-minute WAAS performance.

Real-Time Gallery
24-Hour Performance

The 24-hour performance plots show yesterday's performance using the total 24-hours of data. Any daily plot page updates every 24 hours.

24-Hour Gallery
Performance Videos

Performance videos show animated performance data for the previous 24-hour period.

Video Gallery
Real-Time Data

Real-Time Satellite Corrections, IGP GIVEs and Delays, and the WAAS GEO Footprints are updated every three minutes.

Performance Reporting

Performance analysis reports are updated quarterly and contain the most detailed analyses of GPS and WAAS performance. The WAAS technical reports coincide with links contained in the PAN reports and give detailed analysis on specific problem occurrences.

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